The Picking of Books

If you are anything like me, picking a book to read isn’t always easy. There are so many to choose from and picking just one is not quick or easy. In order to add some sort of order to this blog I took my favorite source for discovering new reads,, and came up with a list of 48 books that I could possibly read in 2013.

I know you’re probably thinking … “48 books?! Is this woman insane? How will I keep up?!” Don’t worry readers, I’m only going to read 24 of them. I can easily read two books per month. You can read or both, it’s up to you. Below is how Reading is the New Black will work, these rules are not only so that this blog/book club will be orderly; it will keep me on task and help my accomplish my personal goal of reading at least 24 books in one year.

You, the reader, get’s to help me pick which two books we’re going to read together by voting on four possible options each moth. The two books with the most votes is what we’ll read. Deal?

What you can expect:

  • The two books to be read will be announced the first of every month
  • Voting will open the two weeks prior to the announcement date
  • Voting will close the Saturday before the announcement date
  • The official start date for reading will begin two weeks after the announcement date (give you enough time to get a copy of the book, of course you can begin reading earlier than that)
  • Discussion forums will open four weeks after the start reading date

I hope that wasn’t confusing. There’s is a calendar so that you can keep up with the goings on.

My next blog post will the list of the 48 books that will be put up for a vote over the course of the year.

Happy Reading!!!

– Mimie


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