How do you read? eBook vs Paperback

I was perusing one of my new favorite blogs, Black Girl Nerds, when I came across this post.

Honestly, I’m torn between being tech-savvy and loyal to the tradition of reading a physical book. eBooks keep us in the 21st century. You can download a book to any device and read it no matter where you are. No more having to carry around clunky books everywhere. You can be anywhere and have access to any book on your shelves at anytime. Who wouldn’t want that?

However, there’s this feeling that you get from physically turning the pages of a back. the weight of the book in your hands. the smell of the ink and paper. My favorite, is buying a used book. Especially something old and written or highlighted in. I know people like to compare costs but I can find a lot of used books on or eBay for a fraction of the publisher’s price.  Also, I tend to read books that are no longer in print so, finding some books in eBook form isn’t an option.

So, dear readers, I pose this question to you … eBook or paperback?


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One response to “How do you read? eBook vs Paperback

  1. I was once one of those people that claimed to be against e-readers. I made the same arguments as you mentioned (and some). Then I bought a Nook and fell in love. I later upgraded to an iPad (a wise decision) and now use Kindle, Nook, and iBook apps. Let me just say, as someone who is currently out of the country, my iPad saves the day. I don’t have to go hunting down books I want to read in foreign bookstores, nor do I have to worry about having books shipped to me. I love that I can highlight, make notes, bookmark, AND look up words and information without doing much more than placing a finger over text. I also love that it tells me how many pages I have left in a chapter and it even makes pages flip like a book. I love my iPad for reading and now frown if somebody wants me to consider reading a thick paperback. I’m for e-readers all day. But I do keep a few paperbacks handy just in case–and I’ll never abandon the ones I do own. 😉

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