10 days …

In only 10 days, this little blog has garnered nearly 300 views! I’m so happy and proud of myself. I’ve had numerous attempts at blogging in the past and they have never been this successful or meaningful. 

This week was really busy at work for me so I didn’t get the chance to post everything I wanted to this week but I promise to catch up 🙂

Coming up next week:

  • Author Spotlight – Toni Morrison
  • an introduction to the Black Arts Movement
  • What books should we read together in January 2013?

I’m most excited to present my reading picks for January so that you can vote on them. I finally test out this book club aspect of the blog.

Thank you to everyone who has visited this blog. I appreciate it it so much. Don’t keep it to yourself. If you like what I’m doing spread the word.


Stay tuned and happy reading!!!


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  1. sounds like you have some exciting things planned. congrats on 10 dust 300 views.

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