I do .. have a novel and some short stories I need to complete . Maybe this is the inspiration I need.


Need an inspirational boost to get your creative juices flowing? Burnt out from running from pillar to post doing whatever it is that keeps you busy but not fulfilled? Check out Felicia Pride’s recent offering ‘To Create: Black Writers, Filmmakers, Storytellers, Artists and Media Makers Riff on Art, Careers, Life, and the Beautiful Mess in Between’. It features interviews with and profiles on black artists such as writer Edward P. Jones (you know we love him over here), SoulBounce Sister Kimberly Hines (woot!), writer Miles Marshall Lewis, actress Tanya Wright, and producer Will Packer.  What I appreciated most about this collection was that Pride got to dig into the creative processes of these artists to show the hard work they put in to produce at a high level, as well as the circumstances that influenced them. Because it is a collection of pieces you can skip around and at…

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  1. I have some short stories and a novel to complete too. Maybe I need to read this with you!

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