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Nigger is a powerful word …

I’m still working on my blog post about Django Unchained but until then … read this article from Clutch Magazine.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Brilliant Answer To The Question That Never Was

The article focuses on a moment during an interview about Sam’s role in Django Unchained. The interviewer, a white male, could not say the word nigger in front of Samuel L. Jackson, even thought it was part of a question pertaining to a movie that has gratuitous  use of the word.

I will go ahead and say this now … I will use the word Nigger on this blog if the situation calls for it. I will not censor myself. I dare you to say you have never used the word … I don’t believe you.

To be honest I only say “the n-word” when speaking to white people. I’m still trying to figure out why I do that. Maybe because I don’t want them to say it back? Who knows …

Anyway … go read this article and watched the video embedded in it.

If you haven’t seen Django Unchained, go see it.  Once I figure out my angle, I’ll be writing about it and (of course) provided suggested reading materials.


Happy Reading!!!


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You’re failing college because you come from a low income, single parent household …

… yeah. I’ve heard that one before.

A professor at UT Law, has made this bold statement. You now think I’m about to go OFF!

Well … not quite.

Even though Prof. Lino Gragalia sounds like a bigot, he’s not worthy of me going off on. Instead I will break down the real reasons of failure that he’s blaming on single mothers and low socioeconomic conditions.

There is a lot of research about first generation college students out there. It is known that first gens do have a hard time meeting the academic demands of college and as a result sometimes do not complete their degree on time, if it all. But it’s not their mother’s fault …

… blame public schools and slow moving education reform.

In areas where there is a high concentration of female householders, with no husband present who’s income is below poverty level. there are also low-achieving or failing schools. You may have done well in your K-12 education but when you make it to college you are still under prepared and ill-equipped for the demands of the college classroom.

As a matter of fact, it’s not just first generation college students facing this problem. It’s everyone (depending on where you live). In the “great” state of Louisiana, I saw this a lot at LSU. Honor roll students, who went to so-called good school having a tough time making the transition. Yes, you may have been valedictorian of a good school in Vernon Parish. Put in perspective, you went to a top school in a state that ranks 49th in education. Now you attend a top tier university in your own state and can’t hack it. I’m not surprised. I blame the education system, not your mom.

This professor isn’t wrong in point out this problem however, he’s blaming the wrong factors.


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